Motorcycling and wind noise… what’s the best solution!

Motorcyclist battling the constant conditions of wind noise, road fatigue, hearing loss and ringing ears, all look for a solution that will fit their needs. Sometimes this can be a challenge though with state laws, comfortability, needs and requirements. Below are some simple Pros and Cons of many styles that are available to the general public.

Foam Earplugs
Pros – usually when seated correctly you can achieve a fairly high noise reduction rating. These styles of hearing protectors are found in a variety of shapes, colors and material. Some are fast expanding, others are slow.

Cons – considered disposable as they are not meant to be washed and reused. Many who wear this product also have issues with proper fit due to physical structures within the ear, or comfort levels each user is willing to do in sticking something deep into their ear. You will also have a constant pressure being exerted back onto the ear canal wall as the memory foam tries to constantly expand back to its original shape.

Pros – these are usually made from a material that can be washed and reused several times without having any structural issues. They usually have a flanged style body (Christmas tree design), tapering from a small to large size fitting. They are usually very flexible, come in a variety of colors and will follow the structures of the ear to a point.

Cons – still being a generic earplug, you will have to deal with comfort values and constant pressures being exerted back onto the ear canal wall. Different styles might also not fit vary will under a helmet, or get caught up in the wind when wearing a half helmet or beanie.

Pros – usually when made and worn correctly, you will achieve an extremely accurate noise reduction rating. This rating will usually be in the low to high 30’s. These styles of earplugs are also usually made in a washable/reusable silicone material so they will last for several years with proper care. These can also come in a variety of colors that you can pick out yourself.

Cons – if not made properly, with a syringe and a protective seal-kote surface, you will have seal brakes and possible slight discomfort. These are usually also made by a medical hearing healthcare provider or trained ear mold technician and therefore are more expensive to obtain.

Many riders know that excessive wind noise above 35 mph can be detrimental in hearing their surroundings. What many don’t understand is how wearing earplugs helps you “hear” your surroundings much better as this “masking” effect is no longer there. Much like riding around in your car with the windows rolled down, excessive wind noise can continually ruin a motorcyclists ears and make them experience temporary threshold shifts sometimes within 10 mins highway speed exposure.

We encourage taken steps in making your ride safe and comfortable. If you have additional requirements with audio accessories and “in-helmet” communications, please give us a call to discuss your possible options.

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