Music choices…

Individuals within the music industry can vary as much as their musical interests.  From jazz, to rock, to pop, to techno, we all have favorites and various ways “we” like to listen to our favorite artists.  But when examining differences in earphones and headphones, you can see a wide range of defined performances and price points.  So the question is asked…. “Which would be the best for your application or musical genre?”

We have divided up our music monitors into two categories.

First: Sports/Recreational Monitors.
These include our trademarked iPlugz® and iPlugz® Gen II models, our Z1’s, as well as our Racing Monitors and Raceceiver Racing Monitors.

These styles of monitors are designed for recreational use such as working out, hiking, traveling, racing, listening to music or books on tape, and/or isolating communications.  They are made with either a single miniature speaker per ear, or dual miniature speakers per ear, and will carry quality sound characteristics to the ear.  The more speakers you add to a unit, the more precise the music becomes.

Second: Professional/Hi-Performance Monitors
These include our Z Series of monitors that would begin with the Z2’s and go to up to our Z5’s.  Again, the more speakers you have per ear, the better the dynamics and characteristics you get out of the bottom end.

To read more about our selections, or to see some of our Musician’s Earplugs, please visit  If you need further assistance in picking out something to suit your needs, give us a call or drop us an email.  We’re always glad to help… !

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