Truth about taking an accurate audiogram…

There has been a lot said about taking an accurate audiogram and recording it to be a valid test.  Obviously, the proper way is within an isolation booth where the testing individual is free from outside noise and surroundings.  This insures correct understanding of the audio signal being heard and helps a hearing healthcare professional in determining any steps necessary in recommending a hearing device or ALD.

However, there are many audiometric tests being performed within inside convention halls, outside parking lots and inadequate facilities that are far less then accurate when the final results are recorded.  There are even downloadable apps you can do at home that give some very good charts and indications, but they are not to be considered completely valid tests.  The overall results in these types of readings, and subsequent troubles in identifying hearing loss and speech understanding, lead to a lot of misconception of what is true and what is not.

Of course, the  general public or individual might be lead to the fact that the testing machines are calibrated to compensate for the external noise being heard while taking the test.  Unfortunately, it’s quite the opposite and you, as a testing individual, need to know what is right and what is wrong if you are pursuing hearing healthcare concerns.

For additional information and accurate testing recording, please look up your local audiologist, ENT or hearing healthcare professional.  Make sure they are preforming their testing within a sound booth and/or can provide you with a certifiable test once completed.

For additional online help, please visit  This is a reference only website designed to educate and help you locate a professional in the field who can assist you further with any troubles you might be having.

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